Packaging Design – Kaki Lima

Bei diesem Projekt handelt es sich um einen Wettbewerbsbeitrag für den Reijksstudio Award 2017. Die Prämisse der Wettbewerbsausschreibung liegt in der kreativen Verwendung der Kunstwerke des Reijkmuseums als Inspiration für ein eigenes Werk.

Ich habe eine fiktive Marke entwickelt, welche frisch abgepackte indonesische Nudelsuppen anbietet. Das Design ist inspiriert von der Portraitserie „ Five javanese court officials“.
Concept & Idea
Colours, symbols and patterns carry many meanings and serve as wordless communication in cultural areas. Informed observers are not only able to find out where a person's garment was made; they can also infer from it what cultural status and function the person has. Maybe the unknown Indonesian artist had this in mind, when he created the picture series "Five Javanese Court Officials" 200 years ago. The five portraits describe the different types of court figures with their garments rather than representing an individual person.

The same rules apply in a consumer society, when the packaging design communicates with the customer, e.g. the packaging design for noodlesoup. KAKI LIMA takes a pure and honest food product and represents the quality of it‘s ingredients by their unique packages. KAKI LIMA has its name from the Indonesian expression for street vendors who sell fresh dishes in Indonesian cities. It offers different noodle soup dishes – each produced by fair trade standards and with organic ingredients. The brandmark is an abstract portrayal of a court official, who scrutinises the production and manufacturing conditions and can be seen as a quality seal. Each package design is inspired by the garment pattern of the portraits and gives each package a unique sophisticated charm and a reference to the origin of the foreign dish.